Saturday, May 1, 2010

A latest test to identify cancer risk and save 3000 lives a year

I want to tell the world about their colonoscopy experiences, the test referred to here is a FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY not a COLONOSCOPY. It takes 5 minutes and requires no sedation.
Most bowel cancers occur in the last 40cm of colon so can be reached by this means.

Colonoscopy screening for people with a strong family history is already well established - everyone has access to this, just see your GP.
When the national bowel screening program was introduced with faucal occult bloods there was already overwhelming data to suggest a flexi-sig at 55 for everyone would be much more effective.
Too expensive according to short-term (short-sighted) analysis.
Nothing will change -just try to start a campaign about bowel health in the country that produced the Carry On films. No young attractive celebrities with bowel cancer to help you out, either.

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