Sunday, May 30, 2010

Effect way to clean the polluted beach

This one is actually relatively easily solvable with present day technologies- The technology does now exist for power plants to burn unprocessed raw sewage, and the three byproducts are electricity, clean drinkable water and sterile ash which can be used as fertilizer or landfill- This has already been adopted in a small handful of cities in Sweden, possibly in other parts of the world too- Don't know why this is not catching on elsewhere yet. Sounds like a situation with no clear losers, everyone everywhere benefits...
Self help is the best help. British citizens should spend their summer holidays cleaning up the beaches and protesting outside the gates of the authorities that are doing the polluting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An easy way to growth the country

An easy way to start saving would be to start using free computer software throughout the whole of the schools, council offices, instead of paying thousands of money in licensing fees, print out less and set the default to draft quality, only send out one lot of documents per household. Yes I see you all saying that will only be pennies but a company in America has cut its spending by over $1m per annum by changing the font type it uses. It’s a good start. Start thinking outside the box, small beginnings can also help.

About bill gates artificial clouds

Mr. Gates and his team of “British scientists” (what’s the betting that they worked for the M.O.D.?) do not own this planet and have been given no mandate and no authorization to “Geo engineer” it in any shape or form. To presume to do so could be regarded as criminal under international law. It is also predictable that some objectors will take direct action to try and stop them from messing irresponsibly with the natural systems of the planet, so their ships will need military protection. $5 billion may seem a comfortably-small amount for Mr. Gates to pay for this useless and pointless pet-project, but that’s just for starters

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Useful instructions to save electricity

Switch unnecessary lights and fans and the TV when no one is really use or watching. Ask family members to look out for and switch off such wastages.
Switch off power hungry equipment such as ACs, desert coolers and room heaters when not needed. Using them even an hour less every day means valuable power savings, imagine an AC switched off for an hour means a tube light on for 50 hours
Cut down frequent use of mixes and washing machines. Use them only when you have proper workloads.


Classes of insulation used for various motors
Type Y its maximum temperature is 90 C the materials used for insulator are cotton, silk, paper and similar organic material and combination of such material which are not impregnated nor immersed in oil.
Type A its maximum temperature is 105 C the above material impregnated with varnish or enamel or oil immersed.
Type E its maximum temperature is 120 C the material are comprises inorganic materials such as mica and glass.
Type B its maximum temperature is 130 C fiber materials are bestors or combination of these material in built up form with binding cement.
Type F its maximum temperature is 155 C Class b material when built up with suitable cement or binder.
Type H its maximum temperature is 180 C the main material are combination of mica, glass fiber and silicon elastomer with suitable binding, impregnating or coating substances as silicon resins.
Type C its maximum temperature is 180 C and above material such as mica, porcelain, glass quartz and asbestos with or without an inorganic binder.

India win against Afghanistan in twenty20 2010 world cup

India win against Afghanistan in twenty20 2010 world cup
The world twenty20 2010 3rd match between the India and Afghanistan India won the toss and elects to bowl first.
Afghanistan score 50 run in 10.2 over’s and 100 runs in 17.6 over’s, Afghanistan end the innings of 115/8.
India chasing an easy target of 115 runs, India score 50 runs in 6.5 over’s and 100 runs in 12.2 over’s at last he achieved the total at 14.5 over’s.
Player of the match A Nehra (India) and T20 debut M Vijay (india)

A latest test to identify cancer risk and save 3000 lives a year

I want to tell the world about their colonoscopy experiences, the test referred to here is a FLEXIBLE SIGMOIDOSCOPY not a COLONOSCOPY. It takes 5 minutes and requires no sedation.
Most bowel cancers occur in the last 40cm of colon so can be reached by this means.

Colonoscopy screening for people with a strong family history is already well established - everyone has access to this, just see your GP.
When the national bowel screening program was introduced with faucal occult bloods there was already overwhelming data to suggest a flexi-sig at 55 for everyone would be much more effective.
Too expensive according to short-term (short-sighted) analysis.
Nothing will change -just try to start a campaign about bowel health in the country that produced the Carry On films. No young attractive celebrities with bowel cancer to help you out, either.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Amway XL Energy bar

Provides you energy with nutrition

Today we understand the importance of eating fruits and vegetables that provide nutrients and energy to stay healthy and active. Due to our busy lifestyle we tend to miss on these nutritional foods and go for the empty calories, especially while snacking instead of going for high calories, low nutrient snacks, here is Amway XL ‘chewy energy bar’.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Amway XL energy drink

Hi friend I am share about a wonderful product in the world. It’s a nice taste to drink it help you to boost your body and mental things, it give freshness to the body and mind. It contain B vitamins and essential amino acids all with wonder of natural Himalayan spring water, its help yourself to take cool from hard work out to a hard day at work.

The combination of B vitamins gives you the power to

Regenerate your body and mind

Increase stamina and survival

Stimulate metamorphosis

Give you only 8-12 kcal per bottle. Low on calorie, high on taste.

Hottest london marathon

The London Marathon is not actually held in South Africa or Southern California or Greece!
I'm sure any Arab runners would find 21 degrees to be cold, and likely any Inuit participants would find such balmy conditions to be uncomfortably warm. Interesting though these cultural revelations are, the point is that most of the runners will be English, and after training for four months in English winter temperatures of near to zero, suddenly getting a 21 degree day for the race is clearly going to seem a little warm.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

UK unemployment surges to high

Just a minute ago I read one articles about the unemployed in United Kingdom in one top newspaper. In fact total number of unemployed is actually reaching 11 million. Add to this the 6 million employed by the public sector giving 17 million. Total UK population approx 67 million. So divide through by this and multiply by 100.

Approximately 25% of people dependent on the state!!! Latest You Gov poll for Labour: 26%.
For simplistic but still striking. It would be worth knowing how many of the 8.16 million not students are stay at home mums etc and how many are directly dependant on the government for their well being.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vitalize your dreams

To make your dreams in reality, one has to start putting action now. One steps at a time till your dreams become real. A consistent and persistent effort is needed to make your dreams come true. Do not procrastinate.. There is no tomorrow.
Your dreams are gift from god. If you put effort, you will achieve the goal..


There is a powerful in spoken words. When you start speaking your dreams in existence, you give life to your dreams. Spoken words become steam to your dreams. When you start verbalizing, you start giving life to your dreams.
Do not be afraid…. Be bold and start believing in your dreams.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”
It is not enough to have just belief but it should proceed with action. It was left last because it is the least understood of the five stages in the achievement process.
It has been said- “the most difficult part of succeeding believes that you can success. You known, in the beginning, when we start thinking about all things we could do if we had our own successful business, we get excited. This dream is stimulating and giving birth to goals and plan for making those dreams come true. But action never occurs until we believe we can do it! Belief is the catalyst- what is exiting though!
Let’s look at how achievers go from planning stage though the belief and action stages of the achievement process. Action follows beliefs consider what David Schwartz says in “The magic of thinking big”.


All hopes, dreams, goal and plan may be lost without fourth stage of the achievement process Action. You have seen a plan which works it mean it is to help you achieve your desires, whatever they are. You must decide if you are serious enough about your desires to take action. You have been shown a way. Action is the fuel in the fire. It is the action that will create the lifestyle you so much to have. Start the action required to fulfill your dreams right way. Make decision and action on it.


“Dreams and goals” are necessary pre requisites to the third stage planning. To merely dreams and have no plan is wishful thinking. People don’t plan to fail; determining a course of action and establishing a timetable is important to achieving your goals- no trip is ever taken without first being planned. But it’s hard to plan a trip if you don’t know where you want to go. That’s why goals must precede planning.

Goals - Goals make us go

Day – dreaming is a natural part of living… hope for a better future…. Something to anticipate. Our dreams evolve and crystallize as our desire because stronger. Desire is the motivation and the necessary launching pad for accomplishing any goal. Dreams become specific goals through the repetitive though process of desire. Here’s how the process works- your desire cause you to dreams and as you dreams, you developmental pictures of life as you would like it to be. Your goals are nothing more than things you see in your mental picture. Your goals are dreams with a date on them.

The great volcanic ash cloud forces in northern ireland

Make no mistake this is still a very small eruption. If the neighboring volcano Katla erupts with the volume of the last eruption (0.7 cubic km of Tehran/ash), the effects may be much more serious for UK air travel than we are seeing currently.
Something doesn’t quite add up with this volcano!
I am a little confused over the explanation for the reason for the severe distribution being a combination of very rare events. We are told that eruption episodes in Iceland occur every 3 to 5 years and can last for period of days to months. As a very rough order of magnitude calculation let’s assume the following: Significant eruptions occur every 4 years and last for 30 days at a time. This means that since say 1970 there have been around 10 such eruptions and therefore an exposure to around 300 eruption days.

To allow for any the effect of weather patterns (including wind direction) locking into a pattern we can assume we have only suffered 1 day of ash exposure so far. This would tend to imply that the current wind direction is very rare indeed i.e. a 1 in 300 chance of it occurring.

I seriously doubt that the current wind direction is that rare and therefore there must be other factors I have not considered which truly make this a very rare event. Alternatively it may be that our policy of closing airspace as a reaction to these events is relatively new. Is this just a taste of what’s to come?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nick Clegg wooed by Labour

"I think I watched a different debate to the television commentators"

Geoff, I had the same thoughts. I concluded I must have been suffering from some kind of cognitive dissonance; that I was biased towards Cameron and so concluded he had the best presentation. I think if you know about Lib Dem policy, you aren't going to be fooled by the presentation. That most people don’t is probably the reason why they went for him so strongly.

There also seemed to be a very deliberate media bias towards Clag. I'm not sure, but I detect some kind of anti-troy bias here


One of the most interesting thing of life’s greatest mysteries is “why do some people succeed while do not?” case studies of “achievers and “non achievers” reveal common difference in both. Achievers are dreamers and their desires in life are constantly manifested in their dreams. A dream is nothing but a vision of the future. Our ability is to first dreams and set goals which forms a base of our achievements. First idea takes places in our mind then it becomes a reality.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The winning process of the Amway

They are five stages of process to achievement in Amway.

The stages are: Desires & Dreams, Goal, Planning, Action, and Belief.

The reason this business works is because we are willing to do today what others won’t; so we can have tomorrow the thing they cannot. Be a winner-Believe. You can do

Amway in india

Amway is the pioneer in the direct selling industry. It is the largest direct selling company in the world. It operates in about 88 countries and territories around the world and has never retreated from a market.

It is the largest direct selling company in India too. Started in the US in 1959, today Amway has a global turnover of above Rs 30,000 cores and thousands of products worldwide.

It is one among the very few dept free companies in the world. We welcome you to the global. The very first time step towards success in the Amway business is to start using amway products and read the business literature that you have obtained with the business kit. Amway products are unique, world class, high effective. Economical and eco-friendly. It is important that you understand these products very well.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Income and its limits

There are two types of income: ACTIVE and PASSIVE Income.

The active income has many limitations:

1.       This income depends on time you can spend. There are only 24 hours in a day.

·         You can spend only 24 hour to create income!!

2.         You have to constantly work year after to create this income

·         What happens to your income if you cannot go to work?

3.       This income depends on your ability to perform. As long as you have expertise and time to give. You can create this income……. Have you given a thought – what happen to this income if you cannot perform?

·         Can your spouse replace your income?

What one does not know is residual income creating by time leveraging. This form of passive income is a powerful concept of franchising. McDonald is a prime example who has used time leveraging by power of duplication.


In today’s world, money has become one of the most important things in a person’s life. Yet very few people really understand money. The main concept of real money making is not taught in universities or business schools.

There are two types of income: ACTIVE and PASSIVE. Most of us known how to make active income. Employees, professionals and the self employed exchange their time and skill for money. Successful doctors, chartered accounts or engineers have a very little time for themselves since they are exchange time for money.

And the passive income is the income come along with the active income with small efforts. The main thing is to spend small daily hour to the business. That business is AMWAY business opportunity.

Golden rules of amway

The most important assets in our business are your DREAMS, BELIEFS, ATTITUDES and ACTIONS. The ‘WHY’ is up to you. The How being with this manual. Our commitment is to help you to reach your dreams. DREAM BIG!! You are about to begin an incredible adventure! Our goal is simple: THE HELP YOU REACH YOURS!

About our Amway

Winner's international is a premier organization of successful business leader, teamed up for mutual support across India. This organization is built on strong ethics, value and principles. We are your support team for making the free enterprise system work in your life. We have a proven pattern for success and we enthusiastic to help you success.


Congratulation on making a quality decision to join Amway, the best business opportunity in the world. The decision can truly change your life! Whether you desire to add just few extra money a month to your income or to achieve financial independence with a life style to match. We are committed to help you achieve yours dreams.