Sunday, May 30, 2010

Effect way to clean the polluted beach

This one is actually relatively easily solvable with present day technologies- The technology does now exist for power plants to burn unprocessed raw sewage, and the three byproducts are electricity, clean drinkable water and sterile ash which can be used as fertilizer or landfill- This has already been adopted in a small handful of cities in Sweden, possibly in other parts of the world too- Don't know why this is not catching on elsewhere yet. Sounds like a situation with no clear losers, everyone everywhere benefits...
Self help is the best help. British citizens should spend their summer holidays cleaning up the beaches and protesting outside the gates of the authorities that are doing the polluting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An easy way to growth the country

An easy way to start saving would be to start using free computer software throughout the whole of the schools, council offices, instead of paying thousands of money in licensing fees, print out less and set the default to draft quality, only send out one lot of documents per household. Yes I see you all saying that will only be pennies but a company in America has cut its spending by over $1m per annum by changing the font type it uses. It’s a good start. Start thinking outside the box, small beginnings can also help.

About bill gates artificial clouds

Mr. Gates and his team of “British scientists” (what’s the betting that they worked for the M.O.D.?) do not own this planet and have been given no mandate and no authorization to “Geo engineer” it in any shape or form. To presume to do so could be regarded as criminal under international law. It is also predictable that some objectors will take direct action to try and stop them from messing irresponsibly with the natural systems of the planet, so their ships will need military protection. $5 billion may seem a comfortably-small amount for Mr. Gates to pay for this useless and pointless pet-project, but that’s just for starters

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Useful instructions to save electricity

Switch unnecessary lights and fans and the TV when no one is really use or watching. Ask family members to look out for and switch off such wastages.
Switch off power hungry equipment such as ACs, desert coolers and room heaters when not needed. Using them even an hour less every day means valuable power savings, imagine an AC switched off for an hour means a tube light on for 50 hours
Cut down frequent use of mixes and washing machines. Use them only when you have proper workloads.


Classes of insulation used for various motors
Type Y its maximum temperature is 90 C the materials used for insulator are cotton, silk, paper and similar organic material and combination of such material which are not impregnated nor immersed in oil.
Type A its maximum temperature is 105 C the above material impregnated with varnish or enamel or oil immersed.
Type E its maximum temperature is 120 C the material are comprises inorganic materials such as mica and glass.
Type B its maximum temperature is 130 C fiber materials are bestors or combination of these material in built up form with binding cement.
Type F its maximum temperature is 155 C Class b material when built up with suitable cement or binder.
Type H its maximum temperature is 180 C the main material are combination of mica, glass fiber and silicon elastomer with suitable binding, impregnating or coating substances as silicon resins.
Type C its maximum temperature is 180 C and above material such as mica, porcelain, glass quartz and asbestos with or without an inorganic binder.